"I am an acceleration addict. I have written Superfast because I have seen the thrill of making business grow fast"

- Digital Bootcamp MD of Enova Partnership
"Sophie delivered her energising and engaging
presentation in her unique style, and managed
to re-energise a very tired audience. A very
impressive achievement, which made her one
of our top-rated speakers. The presentation was
full of practical business inspiration and easy to
remember visual takeaways. Top class."
"In a limited time and to a large and varied audience she landed both the theory and practical advice on how we can speed up what we do in teams and as individuals. Sophie brought terrific energy and insight to the current challenge teams face of doing MORE, with LESS and MUCH FASTER.
- L'Oreal European Team Conference,
MD at L'Oreal

Sophie Devonshire

Sophie is an experienced business leader, entrepreneur, brand specialist and author who has worked in and with multinational companies, successful start-ups and agencies.

Her highly creative and commercial approach comes from a career which began with classic management training at Procter & Gamble and then Coca-Cola. She later moved agency-side with Leo Burnett in the Middle East and Interbrand in London. She has personal experience of being a successful entrepreneur, setting up her own award-winning e-commerce business in the middle of the recession which she sold before running a luxury gifts business.

Sophie is now the CEO of The Caffeine Partnership, a unique business consultancy which helps leaders to work with purpose and pace. She is an experienced business leader, entrepreneur and brand specialist. An ‘acceleration addict’ she is constantly curious about how to speed up success. She hates wasting time and believes impatience is usually a virtue. She applies the principles of Caffeine (a psychoactive stimulant) to her approach to work and writing; stimulating business.

Sophie has worked and lived in London, Tallinn and Dubai as well as consulted for brands across the globe. She is also a commentator on the future of brands and in addition has won awards for innovative business set-ups which support a futuristic way of working. Sophie writes and speaks on the role brands play in successful business. She’s also a passionate advocate of flexible working as the future of effective companies (having won awards for her own business ‘sexi-flexi’ approach), and regularly discusses innovative approaches to balance business and family life.

Sophie is a commentator on the future of brands and customer experience in a tech-driven, fast accelerating world and is a regular speaker on brands and businesses in the press and media.

Sophie is regularly on stage, whether it is moderating and hosting a conference for a global pharmaceutical company for 1200 people or Keynote Speaker for a digital retail innovation event or leading a strategy away day for the top 50 execs at an automotive company.

She speaks regularly on:

  • Leadership and leadership performance
  • Women in leadership, diversity in the workplace and innovative approaches to balance business and family life.
  • Branding, the role brands play in successful business and the importance of brand purpose
  • Innovation and speed – how companies can ‘accelerate’ and go faster

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Sophie speaks about brands, leadership, teams and business growth

Keynote topics include:


When the only certainty is change, how do we prepare for it? Futureproofing tips.

Purpose and Pace

Can we be both responsive and responsible? Positive business: moving fast in the right direction.

High-Velocity Decision Making

Accelerating the right pace and process with key decisions.

Fast Forward Females

Inspiration for women in business in a Superfast world.


How to accelerate your business fast.

‘Lazy’ Leadership

How to be faster, smarter and more effective in a rapidly changing world.

Superfast Brands

The role of brands in an accelerating world.

Secrets of the Superfast

Lessons from leaders who have set the pace.

Customer-Centricity Acceleration

Listening, observation, loops and closeness – how to move faster.


Building high-performance teams at speed, for speed.

“Leading at speed is essential in a world of accelerating change, complexity and uncertainty. When the one thing you’re sure of is that things will change, the way we lead people has to change too.”

Matt BrittinEMEA President, Google

“To succeed in today’s fast changing environment, leaders need to better balance agility with resilience. Purpose and pace are required requisites. Superfast:Lead at Speed will help you do this.”

Paul PolmanGlobal CEO, Unilever